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Resolve to be a Healthier You

Year-end has just gone around the bend and as we all glance over our achievements in the past year; it is also the time when we try and make ourselves a better, organised and healthier human being. For this we make lots of resolutions, but all or most of them are abandoned even before the end of first month. According to researcher Richard Wiseman, 88% of all those who set resolutions in the world, fail.

There can be lots of reasons of these failed resolves; resolves being unrealistic or long term are one of the few reasons. But the most important cause is that these resolves do not become our habits or our way of life. Once these resolves turn into habits you won’t need much of perseverance to follow them. So it is important to break our resolutions into small goals and follow them consciously till they turn into our daily routine. By doing such the chances of succeeding will be 50% higher than if you leave it vague.

Unrealistic Vs Realistic Resolves

I will become as slim as a stick Vs I will lose weight: This resolution is at the top of the list of most of us but not half of us succeed. Rather than planning to lose entire excess weight you are carrying, try and lose a little chunk at a time. For this, think of certain small goals which can turn into habits, like I want to lose 1 kg per month or even half a kg if you feel it more realistic for your body type. To do so I will avoid excess sugar or I will include lots of fiber in my diet. Rather than being paranoid about weight loss try and stick to these healthy resolves.

I will diet furiously Vs I will eat healthy: Certain healthy eating habits can actually help you in a way that not even strict dieting can do to achieve a healthy disease-free body.

a)      Cutting down on sodium consumption: decreasing the intake of table salt, all preserved and processed foods like ketchups, sauces; baked foods, pickles, papads, etc.

b)      Increasing antioxidant consumption: include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables of different colours in your daily diet.

c)      Using healthy cooking options: instead of using frying or sautéing as your primary way of cooking try doing grilling, roasting, microwave cooking.

d)      Tackle your worst hunger time: spread your meals in the entire day so that you don’t feel famished. Because when we feel so, any food that catches our eye ends up in our stomach. Even after doing so if you are unable to stop yourself from eating try and divert your mind by making a phone call at that time or arrange a meeting.

I will exercise daily Vs I will be physically more active: You will hear numerous people planning to start exercising one fine day. Lots of them will start with a bang and end up in a few days. To be consistent it is important to start with a physical activity that your body as well as daily schedule permits. A walk, a jog even once a week is better than no exercise at all. Once this activity becomes a way of life you would yourself gradually devote more time for the same.

I will quit smoking Vs I will abandon my early morning puff: yes, definitely it is possible to let go off smoking if you tackle one drag at a time. Concentrate your energies not on quitting but avoiding till the time you don’t get the urge to smoke. Like hunger time, tackle the urge to smoke by diverting your mind elsewhere.

Apart from choosing realistic goals and making the goals into a habit there are few more things which can be done to stick to your resolutions.

  • Pick only one resolution at a time:  sticking to more than one resolution might become difficult and the resolution might get abandoned sooner or later.
  • Writing it down makes you more likely to succeed with your new habit.
  • Inform your family about the same so that they can help you and remind you in case you are drifting away from your resolve.

This year let us make a difference by making a resolution and keeping it too.

How good is your egg?

While buying an eatable the first prerequisite for all of us is its quality. We can gauge the quality of vegetables and fruits by looking at them, packed goods carry best before dates but eggs…. It is really a question difficult to answer. Although there are lots of industrial measures by which eggs are graded on their quality which might help us in choosing superior quality eggs.

Candling: The quality of the egg in the shell is evaluated by candling. The egg is held against a source of strong light. Candling can reveal: a crack in the shell, the freshness, the firmness of egg whitealbumin, the position and mobility of yolk and the possible presence of foreign substances like blood spots, moulds and developing embryo. As the eggs deteriorate, the chalaza weakens and the yolk tends to settle toward the shell rather than remain suspended in the firm white. Under such circumstances the yolk is more fully visible when the egg is candled. Dark yolks cast a more distinct shadow than light coloured yolks.

Floating in water: If the egg sinks it is considered as good. Poor quality eggs float due to increase in size of the air cell and due to loss of moisture. To test the freshness of an egg, plunge it into a 12 per cent solution of salted water : A fresh egg falls at once to the bottom; An egg 2 days old floats midway; An egg 4 days old rises to the surface; A 2-week old egg floats on top.


In India eggs are graded according to their weight into 4 grades. Extra large-more than 60 g, large- 53-59 g, medium- 45-52 g, small- 38-42 g. Clean eggs with unbroken shell are graded on quality depending upon depth of the air cell. Centering of the yolk and free from defects are given grade A and B in India.

So now when you go egg shopping you can look for these markers of quality assurance.